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Facts About Peacocks for Kids

Peacocks are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth. Peacocks are beautiful large birds that can fly and dance; how fun! The male birds are called peacocks, and the female birds are known as peahens. Together they are called “peafowls.” 

Peacocks are blue and have large feathers. Their feathers have a unique design that makes them look beautiful. Did you know that a peacock spreads its feathers when trying to impress a peahen? Imagine how beautiful that is!  

We have found even more interesting facts about peacocks that will surprise you. So let us find out more about them!

Peacock feathers are called a ‘train’

The tail feathers of a peacock are so huge that they cover up to 60 percent of its entire body. The ‘train’ consists of more than 200 beautiful feathers, and its length can extend to 5 to 6 feet. These feathers have blue-green eyespots, a unique feature of this fantastic bird.

There are crystal-like structures in these feathers, which give the train a bright color. If you look at the train from different angles, its color will differ each time! 

Peacocks’ lifespan 

Since peacocks are in danger of being attacked by predators, they can live up to 20 years in the wild. But they can live up to 40-50 years if they are held in captivity. Peacocks kept in zoos, homes, farms, etc., are almost 50 years old. That’s half a century! 

Peacock sounds 

Peacocks make bizarre screeching noises. They make loud noises when they are in danger and during mating season. They can produce around 11 different sounds and can even make a sound so low-pitched that humans cannot hear it. Peacocks make such noises to attract peahens. 

During the rainy season, peafowls make a unique sound to indicate thunder and scary clouds. Peacocks even roost from high places such as trees, roofs, etcetera. 

Peacocks fancy feathers 

Peacocks are not born with their unique blue-green feathers. At the age of one, a peacock has no blue-green feathers. Some feathers can be seen growing out of their back at the age of two. Finally, at the age of three, a peacock fully grows its fancy feathers. Since baby peacocks do not have their blue color, it is hard to tell the sex of the bird.

Here’s a fun fact! Baby peafowls are called “peachicks.”

Peacock crest 

Both peacocks and peahens have a crest of long feathers that looks just like a crown. The crest has no purpose for peacocks, and it is there just for decoration. But for peahens, the crest is an important feature. Peahens’ crests have a sensor, and it is helpful for mating. 

When a peacock rattles his tail feathers or ‘train’, the crest of a peahen vibrates with the same frequency as the train’s vibrations. After spreading their tail feathers, peacocks shake them 26 times in one second to attract peahens. 

Peacocks are runners 

Did you know that peacocks can run at a speed of 10 miles per hour? How cool is that! Peacocks are mainly ground-based birds, so they learn how to survive on the land. Peacocks can cover long distances just on foot. They can protect themselves from predators because of their high running speed. It also helps them in mating with peahens. 

White peacocks 

Some peacocks have Leucism which is a genetic mutation. This leads to the inability of pigment to be present in the peacocks’ feathers. It gives a white appearance to the feathers and leads to the existence of an all-white peacock.

Peahens can also have Leucism which makes the bird completely white. White peafowls are extremely rare and fascinating. When white peacocks spread their tail feathers, it looks heavenly! 

Peacocks shed their feathers 

After their mating season every year, peacocks start to shed their feathers. This process is called molting. These shed feathers can be used for various purposes such as decorations in houses, etcetera. Once they shed their feathers, their grey-colored quills become more visible.   

Peacocks have nests on the ground 

Peacocks like to move at heights like the top of buildings, etcetera, but they make their nests on the ground. It is usually peahens that make the nest. Peahens dig a hole in the ground and then spread sticks and leaves over it. Another fact about peahens is that they sit on their eggs for about 30 days to help in hatching. 

Peacocks are snake eaters 

Peacocks fight with snakes if they come near them and even eat them! They are amazing ‘snake catchers’ and even feed on poisonous snakes like a cobra. This makes peacocks a great protector of villages and other domestic areas. 

Peacocks’ flight  

Since peacocks have a large body and a long tail of feathers, they cannot fly very far or high. Peacocks often jump high and flap their wings with great force and fly very short distances. Peacocks spend only about 2 percent of their time flying. They spend most of their time searching for insects to eat. 

Peacocks cannot swim 

Peacocks’ feet are not meant for swimming. They have three strong toes facing forward and one facing backward. They do not have webbed feet like other birds that help in swimming. Instead, their feet help them have a firm grip on tree branches. And, of course, their vast feathers do not help them swim.

Peacocks’ behaviour

Peacocks are friendly and social creatures. They can even be kept as pets! Peacocks usually travel in groups of eight or ten, and a group of peacocks is called a ‘muster’. A fun fact about peachicks is that they love to play games, and while playing, all peachicks run in the same direction, that is, clockwise. 

Peacocks are fascinating birds. Their unique features make peacocks one of the most interesting creatures on earth. Peacocks have originated from Asia and mainly from India. But, here’s an interesting fact! Peacock is the national bird of India. 

We hope that you learned some new and exciting facts about peacocks. Now, you can tell your friends how awesome peacocks are!